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Expertise in business law

We offer competent and committed service to our clients in various fields of business. The range of our expertise cover inter alia contract law, corporate law, tort law, energy and environmental legislation, IPR and ICT law, as well as real estate and property law.

We are well versed in different aspects of mergers & acquisitions, capital investments, building and construction contracts, projects, and public procurement. Our law firm is also renowned for its long experience in complex and demanding litigations and arbitration proceedings.

In addition, we offer services also to private person in questions of sale and purchase of real estate, construction, and housing companies, as well as issues relating to marital, family, and inheritance law.

Pension insurance| Energy industry| Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and services| Logistics| Forest industry| Marketing and media| Banking and financing| Construction, real estate, and environmental services | Health care and pharmaceutical industry| Industrial production and industrial services| Wholesale and retail business| Insurance | Sports and entertainment

Practice areas

We offer full coverage in different areas of corporate law from establishing an enterprise to winding down. We are specialised also in mergers and acquisitions as well as in financing.

Negotiating and drafting of business contracts and settling contractual disputes form a central part of our work.

We have extensive experience in real estate and construction related assignments. Our clientele includes constructions companies as well as developers supported by our experts with consultations in regard to e.g. construction contracts but also in different phases of dispute settlement.

Our firm has a long and versatile experience in assignments concerning all forms of housing and real estate transactions.

We represent prominent insurance companies and their customers. Assignments taken care by our firm relate to among others indemnities and personal injuries.

We counsel pension funds and pension societies, including liquidation processes.

We are constantly involved in consulting contractual and M&A arrangements relating to electricity production and distribution, as well as in nuclear power and natural gas projects. We have also been engaged in numerous wind energy and renewable energy projects.

Our lawyers specialising in labour law offer high-quality services to corporate clients and to employees. We support our clients in preparing of employment contracts and management contracts and employment related litigation. We offer professional and prompt solutions to any questions concerning labour law related issues that arise in connection of corporate reorganisation and co-operation within enterprises.

We advise and assist our clients facing changes in their business environment e.g. in regard to immaterial property rights, ICT procurement and in issues concerning data and privacy protection.

Our firm is longstanding experienced in bankruptcy administration, liquidation as well as acting as court-ordered administrators of reorganisation proceeding of companies of varying sizes. Our role in the referred situations is to act in the interests of creditors and to assist companies in their reorganisation projects.

We assist our clients in various issues concerning competition law and public procurement. In the field of marketing law our firm represents renowned international reseller chains in planning and evaluating the implementation of their marketing strategies.

Demanding and complex legal proceedings in general courts, administrative and special courts , as well as arbitration proceedings are in the core know-how of Sivenius, Suvanto & Co. Our lawyers also act frequently as arbitrators.

We assist our private clients in every walk of life, however our strong areas are questions relating to construction, housing transactions and housing companies, and family-related issues in marital legislation, family and inheritance law.

We represent advertising agencies, various agents in marketing communications and film industry as well as media houses. Also prominent sports clubs trust in our services.