23.4.2018   //   Kansi and Arena ProjectRead more »

Sivenius Suvanto acted as the legal advisor for the joint venture formed by SRV Group, OP Group, LocalTapiola Group and City of Tampere in preparing and negotiating the key operator agreements of the Kansi and Areena Project (Cover and Arena Project) concerning the construction of a multi-purpose arena and adjoining hotel, casino and business premises.

31.8.2017   //   EUROFINSRead more »

Acquisition of Nab Labs Group

Sivenius Suvanto advised Eurofins Scientific, the global leader in food and environment testing, in its acquisition of Nab Labs Group, one of the largest independent environment testing laboratories in Finland. Nab Labs Group employs over 100 staff in various locations in Finland and generates annual revenues in excess of EUR 9,000,000.

16.3.2017   //   The sale of a company offering career transition servicesRead more »

Sivenius Suvanto acted as the legal adviser for the sellers when TG Talent Gate Oy was sold to Barona – group. TG Talent Gate specialises in recruitment, training and career transition services.

13.2.2017   //   The sale of electricity distribution company and powerlinesRead more »

Sivenius Suvanto acted as legal adviser for Pohjolan Voima Oy and its affiliates in the sale of shares in electricity distribution company PVO-Alueverkot Oy and certain electricity distribution assets to EPV Energia Oy. The sold entity consists of 110 kilovolt powerlines, 400 kilovolt Ulvila-Meri-Pori powerline and substations.

8.2.2017   //   The sale of Pizzataxi business operationsRead more »

Sivenius Suvanto acted as the legal adviser to Helsingin Pizzapalvelu Oy when it sold its business operations consisting of 22 restaurants in the greater Helsinki area to Kotipizza Group Oyj.

15.12.2016   //   Investment in solar energyRead more »

Sivenius Suvanto acted as legal adviser for Taaleri in the multimillion transaction whereby Taaleri Kiertotalous Ky became the major shareholder in Naps Solar Oy, which is a major solar electricity solution provider.

19.9.2016   //   Acquisition of a majority shareholding in a liquid logistics companyRead more »

Sivenius Suvanto acted for Groupe Samat AS, a company with its domicile in France, when it acquired majority shareholding in HAANPAA Group (Liqvia Holdings Oy). HAANPAA is the leading liquid chemicals logistics company in the Nordic countries.

29.2.2016   //   Real property projectRead more »

Sivenius Suvanto acted as adviser for Lindström Invest Oy in execution of development project of Rantatie Business Park located in Kalasatama in Helsinki.

Lindström Invest Oy purchased a plot from the city of Helsinki, and an office building called Rantatien Kasvu will be built at the location with approximately 6,000 floor square meters and additionally underground parking facility for approximately 130 cars. The building contractor of the project is YIT Rakennus Oy. The premises of Rantatien Kasvu are all leased. The construction of Rantatien Kasvu will start immediately in 2016 and it will be completed at the end of the year 2017. After Rantatien Kasvu will be completed, Rantatie Business Park will offer working environment to approximately 1,000 people.

26.2.2016   //   Sale of wind farm projectsRead more »

Sivenius Suvanto acted as adviser for Innopower Oy in an arrangement where the client sold the wind farm projects of Jouttikallio, located in the municipality of Lapua, and Ajos, located in the municipality of Kemi, to the Swedish company OX2 Wind AB. The projects consist of 19 wind power plants (63 MW). In this context, OX2 Wind AB entered into an agreement to sell the wind farm of Ajos to IKEA and the wind farm of Jouttikallio to Allianz.

Innopower Oy is a wind power company focused on production and construction of wind power, producing wind power based electricity to its shareholders in Finland at own cost. The company is owned by Finnish energy and industrial companies.

7.2.2016   //   Wind park projectRead more »

Sivenius Suvanto acted as adviser for EPV-Tuulivoima Oy when the client was negotiating on a contract of procurement and delivery of 34 wind power plants with Vestas Finland Oy, aimed for the EPV-Tuulivoima Oy’s Metsälä project in the town of Kristiinankaupunki. EPV-Tuulivoima Oy is a company fully owned by EPV Energia Oy.